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Kids have to earn it themselves

by on Jan.06, 2010, under Training Tips

Parents can give their kids like money, iPhone, camcorder, new shoes, etc.. However, parents cannot give their kids endurance, strength, confidence and the joy that comes when the kids finally reached a new milestone themselves.

Parents know what is needed to be successful in life and therefore tell their kids to think positive, to work hard, to concentrate more, etc. However, all these words-of-wisdom are a little too conceptual and elusive and very quickly becomes a nag and more often than not, kids block it off completely.

Some parents have a hard time justifying spending time and money in gymnastics (or any other sport), thinking that their kids are not talented enough to be pros in the future and therefore why bother.

Aside from the gymnastics specific skills, these are all the not-so-obvious benefits:

– Most kids in rhythmic gymnastics kick-butt when they have their school have their yearly ‘Jump Rope for Heart’. They outlast and outplay all their classmates and they feel good about it. Did you see that smile on their face when they completed their first double-through the rope skip or their first front flip?

– rope skipping is one little exercise that they can count and measure progress. When they work hard to break their own record, you can actually see the pride and joy through their eyes. And as the count goes up, so does their endurance and timing. As a coach, I don’t even have to tell them to exercise more or to improve on their endurance / strength, they think of it as a game and they are passionate about their achievements every practice. They feel the burn from stretching or muscles fatigue when they push through their physical / mental barriers. However, they still keep pushing out of their own drive. Over time, these work ethics, focus level will become habits and they will strive for excellence in more than gymnastics. Isn’t that exactly what every parent want for their kids?

– kids actually can see the difference it makes when they concentrate versus when they are not. When they concentrate, they can complete a series of skips without errors or tumbling without an extra step. This practice of ‘switching-it-on’ with instant feedback is repeated numerous times every gym class. Again, this is learnt and repeated without parents nagging.

– gymnastics is a visual sport. Gymnasts’ spatial awareness and visual memorization ability improves over time. Hmm, how important is memorization is school? what is that neat trick about instant super memory? So you can start to see why gymnastics can help school!

– gymnasts learn at a young age how to manage nervous gitters during or before a performance, they learn also how to smile and impress the audience. All these public performance experiences give them such a huge advantage over their peers during high-school and later at work – haven’t you already noticed that almost everybody who is important is required to do public speaking (eg. from manager to CEOs to presidents)?

– parents can take a much more positive supportive role instead of being viewed as the ‘nagger’.Participate in their activities and give them high-5s when they are proud of their accomplishments.

Most parents have the hardest time finding classes that their child is passionate about. Now that you have found it, lets make the best out of the journey together!

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