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Visualization is the secret

by on Nov.16, 2009, under Training Tips

Everybody emphasize on good physics, proper technique, training hard and breaking skills down to logical progressions. However, we often overlooked on the need to train the brain. Ironically, the brain happens to the command center for all movements.

Visualization is a way to exercise the brain – you focus and imagine yourself performing a specific skill. Visualization helps in these areas:

  • prepare the muscles for a complex move so get they will respond at the right time, sequence and speed, etc..
  • add repetitions and quality training time without being restricted by physical constraints, for example, training space / frequency, muscle soreness, injuries, etc..  Visualization is even more important during injury-recovery and will defintely make comeback easier,
  • help overcome fear by thinking positive and thinking logically through all the necessary details so that you are confident that you are ready
  • provides a way to add repetitions without the risk of injuries – especially when the success rate is only at around 50%.

So, conditioning is not just about doing push-ups and sit-ups, your brain can use some exercise too! Shhhhh, it is our secret!

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